A very pretentious name for my amateur voice-acting side project. I’ve always found joy
in affecting voices and accents other than my own, be it for my (admittedly limited) theater experience, playing / game-mastering tabletop RPGs with my friends, or just giving the voices in my head direction. Mostly inspired by ZeldaUniverse and Critical Role, I’ve started to try to lend my voice to others for their own projects.

My standard vocal profile can only be described as that of a young, effeminate southern man, which admittedly is a very… niche… profile, though useful for transgender and gender-nonconforming characters.  My strengths lie in my ability to project feelings and emotion, and I have some experience in audio editing.

That said, feel free to peruse my past projects and check out my Behind the Voice Actors and Casting Call Club profiles.

Project Genre Release Role(s)
Darkened Blur: A Twilight Princess and Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover Fan Animation 2017 Knuckles the Echidna, Ancient Sages
Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Proposal and Future Imperfect Fanfiction 2017 Miles Edgeworth
Tales of Symphonia: Breath of a New Era Fanfiction 2017 Emil, Zelos