Now that THAT’S Over…

It’s been a long and arduous semester, but it’s over, as is my time at ULM. Β I’ve been experimenting with the look and feel of the site, though I still don’t know what image I’m going for quite yet. Β More to come soon, but for now, it’s time to get settled in a new city and start the next chapter.

Beginning of the End

A new semester dawns; the end of my undergrad career is in sight. I’ll have a few projects added to my portfolio by the time I graduate, since, as of writing this, I have two clients queued for software and web solutions and two voice projects awaiting release. Β I’ve recorded another round of auditions – mostly extra / background roles – but won’t be devoting a large amount of time to finding new voice projects this season.

I’ve been able to start Twitch streaming, and I’d like to be able to keep that going and eventually have full LPs happen there and on YouTube, but this is something I’ll probably have to hold until the summer, once this semester is over and I get settled in Austin.

Until then, let’s see what this semester holds, shall we?